The Beguiler…

…by Suzanne Jackson.

Rebecca Vasteer has a dangerous secret: she’s a witch.

Men known as Rangers capture witches, and hand them over to the public hangman to be hanged or burned according to the law. Or so most people believe. But a secret branch of the Ranger organization conducts an illegal traffic, selling the most talented witches as slaves to wealthy families.

Betrayed by her brother, Rebecca flees her village, only to fall into the hands of Nicholas Jarrett — witch trader, failed Ranger. At his country estate, he teaches her a form of magic more powerful, less easy to detect. His motives are far from pure. Once her training is complete, Rebecca will be sold: profit for Nicholas and money for the Rangers.

But when Rebecca shows an unexpected talent for Beguiling, a most dangerous — and seductive — magic, Nicholas feels his power over her and over his own feelings slipping away.

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