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While Venus Ascending is interested in romantic SFF in all sub-genres, right now I am especially interested in steampunk, gaslight, high fantasy, historical, dystopian, post-apocalyptic, space opera, dark fantasy, weird western, magical realism, fairy tales re-told, and time travel.

For steampunk I don’t care whether it leans toward science fiction or fantasy, or if it sits squarely in the middle as science fantasy.

For historical anything between (and including) the Elizabethan period through the Regency era or in the vein of Victorian gothic would be especially welcome.

But what I would particularly like to see is a truly epic love story, either fantasy or science fiction. Epic setting, big emotions (but no melodrama), epic events that either draw the lovers together or push them apart, a love that changes the world for good or ill … that sort of thing. Break my heart and put it back together again. For this we would expect manuscripts of 110K or longer.


Elements of romance and speculative fiction must both be integral to the plot. We are looking for well-realized science fiction and fantasy settings and strong characterization, and are more interested in stories focussing on the development of a powerful emotional bond between the hero and heroine than in books with long scenes of graphic sex. (Which does not necessarily mean no sex — if you have questions about this please contact us.) We are also unlikely to be impressed by graphic or gratuitous violence. (Again, if you have questions, contact us.) No BDSM please.

We prefer stories told in alternating viewpoints between the heroine and hero, or if there is only a single viewpoint we’d prefer it be the heroine’s.* We are particularly interested in stories of approximately 90,000 to 100,000 words, but we won’t turn away stories just because they are longer if the plot requires it.

Email your submissions to . Please include “Attention: Teresa” in the subject line, and the title of your book. Send us the first three chapters of your manuscript and a two page synopsis, as a Word document or in RTF, standard manuscript format, Times or Times New Roman, double spaced. We will reply in the order received.

*In rare cases we’ll consider a story told entirely from the hero’s POV, or from multiple viewpoints, if we find the plot and characters extraordinarily appealing and the story otherwise fits what we are looking for.

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